Fallout 76 – Toxic Valley Treasure Map 4 Location

Toxic Valley Treasure Map 4 How to Find

Toxic Valley Treasure Map 4 2

Toxic Valley Treasure Map 4 depicts a large objects that has crashed in the ground, looking to the north at the location with an X marking the spot on a small ridge overlooking the place on the right side.

Toxic Valley Treasure Map 4 1 1

This clue marks the spots as the Crashed Space Station, located in the far northeast corner of the Toxic Valley, found in a small valley on the border of the ridges leading up to the Savage Divide.

Toxic Valley Treasure Map 4 2 1

The treasure itself is located on one of the lower small ridges directly overlooking the site, with a few broken trees in front of it – not to be confused with the higher rocky ridges to the east leading up to an abandoned cabin.

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