Fallout 76 – Path to the Camp Quest

First Contact starts automatically after your character leaves Vault 76, this happens after Reclamation Day main quest. Your new objective is to find the Overseer’s camp.

Path to the Camp quest is a part of Fallout 76 Reclamation Day Main story mission.

Path to the Camp Walkthrough

  • Overseer’s camp is marked on the map – go straight to that place.

Path to the camp 1

This quest is simple – go to the place marked on the map. However, you should think about having a few stops, and collect items that will make your first few hours with the game easier.

Path to the camp 2

  • Check the body you will find a machete.

Go left of the Vault 76’s exit, and go down the stairs. Stop near the corpse and pick up a machete – this is a great starting weapon. Equip it immediately – your character will soon be attacked by aggressive robots. Then, follow the path that goes near the hill.

Path to the camp 3

  • You will come across a small wooden building.

On your way, you will come across a wooden building. Examine it – although you won’t find anything valuable, you will still get a few medicaments and bottles of alcohol. Once you are done, leave the building and follow the path. Soon, you will reach the main road.

Path to the camp 4

  • The destroyed sawmill is one of the locations you will come across on your path to the Overseer’s camp.

A destroyed sawmill is near the main road. Examine this place. Here, you will come across multiple Scorched. The machete you have recently acquired should be enough to defeat them. Loot their corpses – you will find pistols and ammo. These will be your first firearms. Don’t forget to examine the sawmill – you will find Stimpacks and a lot of junk useful in crafting.

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