Fallout 76 – Obtain doctor Hudson’s Research Quest

An Ounce of Prevention mission activates automatically after completing Final Departure quest. During this mission, you’ll visit a new part of the world and fight many enemies.

Obtain doctor Hudson’s Research quest is a part of An Ounce of Prevention Main story mission.

Obtain doctor Hudson’s Research Walkthrough

Obtain doctor Hudsons research 1

In this quest, you have to reach the location named AVR Medical Center and find doctor Hudson’s research. The place is located quite far from Flatwood, but the way up there isn’t difficult – you should just stick to the river (the location is marked in the picture above). Of course, if you’ve discovered a location near the Medical Center before, you can teleport there, but remember: you will lose a few caps.

Obtain doctor Hudsons research 2

Near the Medical Centrum, you can meet a quite large group of Scorched and robots – fight them and go to the entrance. It’s worth to enter there with the stealth mode on because there will be lots of Scorched waiting for you.

Obtain doctor Hudsons research 3

If you have decided to enter the building without the stealth mode, it’s likely that all of the Scorched will attack you – they aren’t very strong, but the great number of them can be a problem. Use grenades or kill them one by one. After dealing with them, use the stairs on the right side of the entrance or jump down through the hole on the floor.

Obtain doctor Hudsons research 4

Go to the lab by following the marker. Use the computer and chose the first option on the screen – that will activate the next objectives. You have to obtain three blood samples from different creatures and a Type-T Fuse. The enemies from which you have to draw the blood and the location of the fuse will be automatically marked on your map.

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