Fallout 76 – Motherlode Repair Guide

Fallout 76 Motherlode information on repair beacon

fallout 76 motherlode

Have The Motherlode quest with the objective to Search the lab for information on where to find repair beacon? This Fallout 76 Motherlode Information On Repair Beacon Guide will tell you exactly what you need to interact with to continue this mission.

The Motherlode is one of the many side missions in Fallout 76 that you will encounter as you explore. It’s a simple objective based mission but one particular objective had us stumped for some time, Search the lab for information on where to find repair beacon.

Motherlode Repair Guide

fallout 76 motherlode 1

In the same room where you first receive your objective, there’s a small computer at the side. It looks burned and broken but there’s a small screen. This is the particular part you need to interact with. Do that to complete the objective.
Make sure to follow the objectives, we got some great weapons as a final reward, including a Fat Man.

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