Fallout 76 – Craft Explosive Bait

Craft Explosive Bait Walkthrough

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Next up Rose will task you with crafting and using some Explosive Bait. The recipe to make Explosive Bait requires Radstag Meat, Adhesive, Copper, and a Fragmentation Mine. All of these materials can be found in a quest marked Explosives Crate west of ATLAS Observatory, and east of Monongah Power Plant.

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With the crafting materials in hand, head to any Tinkerer’s Bench and make the Explosive Bait. Once you have the bait in hand your next objective will be to use it on a wild animal. Head to the circle marked on your map, far to the southwest of Top of the World, and northwest of Whitespring Resort. Toss out the bait and wait for an enemy to set it off to complete this objective.

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