F1 2019 – Crashes & Soundbug

Crashes & Soundbug

For Performance Problems

The first Step:

  • Set your FPS/HZ to 60 In-Game!
  • Then try it again.

Do you have a Crash in DX12?

  • Turn off your Steam Overlay (Steam -> Settings -> In-Game -> Turn it off)
  • Simple Fix and works for 99%.

Possible D3D Error Fix

  •  Make sure your Grapic Card Driver is up 2 date (very important!)
  • Download a Overclock Software for your Graphic Card and put the Clock – 50 Hz.
    (e.g. ZOTAC Firestorm for ZOTAC Cards..)

In F1 2018 I had this Problem and this was the 100% Fix for me.


  • Go into Audio options -> Advanced Audio Settings
  • Increase “Audio Update Rate” from “Low” to either “Medium” or “High”

You must change it to your Monitor Refresh Rate.

  • 60Hz -> LOW
  • 75-100Hz -> MEDIUM
  • 100Hz+ -> HIGH

But If High dont fix the Problem -> TRY Medium or LOW.
It is a little bit buggy for me but High fixed the Problem to 100% for me.

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