Europa Universalis 4 – Console Commands

Usefull Eu4 console commands (We will try to update the guide so it covers most of the Eu4 cheats and many variations of them)

General Cheats Eu4


(add ducats). (can be negative)
example: cash 999999 (adds 999999 ducats).
example 2: cash -2000 (removes 2000 ducats).
cash without a value gives 5000 ducats


(add adm dip and mil power). (can be negative)
example: powerpoints 9999 (adds 9999 dip/mil/adm power).
example 2: powerpoints -666 (removes 666 dip/mil/adm power).
powerpoints without a value gives 999 dip/mil/adm power


(grants manpower). (can be negative)
example: manpower 999 (adds 999000 manpower to your manpower pool).
example 2: manpower -100 (removes 100000 manpower from your manpower pool).
manpower without a value grants 50000 manpower


(grants sailors). (can be negative)
example: sailors 99999 (adds 99999 sailors to your sailors pool).
example 2: sailors -5000 (removes 5000 sailors from your sailors pool).
sailors without a value grants 5000 sailors


(adds prestige) (can be negative).
example : prestige 100 (adds 100 prestige)
example 2: prestige -100 (takes 100 prestige away)
prestige without a value adds 5 prestige


(changes your ruler legitimacy(only for monarchies) (can be negative)).
example legitimacy 50 (adds 50 legitimacy)
example legitimacy -50 (removes 50 legitimacy)


(adds or substracts stability) (can be negative)).
example stability 1 (adds 1 stability)
example stability -4 (adds -4 stability)
stability without a value will add +6 stability


(adds corruption). (can be negative)
example: corrupt 25 (adds 25 corruption).
example 2: corrupt -1 (removes 100 corruption (due to a glitch)).
cash without a value gives 5000 ducats

inflation [amount] [Country tag (OPTIONAL)]

(adds or removes inflation from your country or desired country)
example: inflation 1 (will add 1 inflation to your country)
example 2: inflation -5 (will remove 5 inflation from your country)
example 3: inflation 1000 TUR (will add 1000 inflation to the ottomans)


(grants adm power) (can be negative)
example adm 200 (adds 200 administrative power)
example adm -200 (removes 200 administrative power)
adm without a value gives 999 adm points


(grants dip power) (can be negative)
example dip 200 (adds 200 diplomatic power)
example dip -200 (removes 200 diplomatic power)
dip without a value gives 999 dip points


(grants mil power) (can be negative)
example mil 200 (adds 200 military power)
example adm -200 (removes 200 military power)
mil without a value gives 999 mil points

Religion Cheats

change_religion [Country Tag] [religion tag]

(changes an entire country religion to specific religion (better use this one with debug_mode))

example: change_religion PAP sunni (changes religion of the papal state to sunni)
example 2: change_religion GEN orthodox (changes religion of genoa to orthodox)
example 3: change_religion TUR protestant (changes religion of the ottomans to protestant)

change_religion [province ID] [religion tag]

(changes a province religion to specific religion (better use this one with debug_mode))

example: change_religion 118 sunni (changes religion in rome to sunni)
example 2: change_religion 112 shiite (changes religion in venezia to shia)
example 3: change_religion 76 tengri_pagan_reformed (changes religion in salzburg to tengri)

religion tags:

Catholic: catholic
Protestant: protestant
Reformed: reformed
Orthodox: orthodox
Coptic: coptic
Sunni: sunni
Shia: shiite
Ibadi: ibadi
Theravada: buddhism
Vajrayana: vajrayana
Mahayana: mahayana
Confucian: confucianism
Shinto: shinto
Hindu: hinduism
Sikh: sikhism
Animist: animism
Fetishist: shamanism
Totemist: totemism
Inti: inti
Nahuatl: nahuatl
Mayan: mesoamerican_religion
Norse: norse_pagan_reformed
Tengri: tengri_pagan_reformed
Jewish: jewish
Zoroastrian: zoroastrian
Nestorian: nestorian
Fraticelli: fraticelli
Cathar: cathar
Messalian: messalian
Waldensian: waldensian
Lollard: lollard
Monophysite: monophysite
Bogomilist: bogomilist
Monothelite: monothelite
Iconoclast: iconoclast
Paulician: paulician
Zikri: zikri
Yazidi: yazidi
Kharijite: kharijite
Druze: druze
Hurufi: hurufi
Mazdaki: mazdaki
Manichean: manichean
Samaritan: samaritan_faith
Karaite: karaite_faith
Jainism: jain
Romuva: baltic_pagan_reformed
Hellenic: hellenic_pagan
Slavic: slavic_pagan_reformed
Suomenusko: finnish_pagan_reformed
Zunist: zun_pagan_reformed

change_religion_court ruler [Religion Tag]

(changes religion of your ruler to specific religion)

change_religion_court heir [Religion Tag]

(changes religion of your heir to specific religion)

change_religion_court consort [Religion Tag]

(changes religion of your consort to specific religion)

change_religion_court admadv [Religion Tag]

(changes religion of your hired administrative advisor to specific religion)

change_religion_court dipadv [Religion Tag]

(changes religion of your hired diplomatic advisor to specific religion)

change_religion_court miladv [Religion Tag]

(changes religion of your hired military advisor to specific religion)


(add 100 papal influence)

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