Earth Defense Force 5 – Air Raider Weapons Guide

Weapons Guide

Request Artillery Units

This category sets the target point in the same way as throwing a grenade. Therefore, fine adjustment becomes more difficult as the distance increases.

The attack lands 10 seconds after the point setting. Slow to attack the start, to use in combat will require cooperation and point prediction of ally.

It is difficult to use, but the excitement of when you hit as expected is the best.
It is all reload by credit.

Cannon Gun

  • Cannon Gun has different characteristics from others.
  • Bullets are large and can hit enemies in the air.
  • On the other hand, targets on the ground are somewhat less likely to hit.
  • In addition, damage is very large and has penetration performance.
  • Objects such as the Teleportation Ship will not block the attack.

Other than that

  • In common, the size of the bullet is small and it is hard to hit targets in the air.
  • But the attack range of the earth’s surface is wide, there is also a possibility that a plurality of attack is to hit.
  • The low accuracy in the air can be said to be easy to cooperate with the Wing Diver, so it can not be said to be a disadvantage in general.

Request Gunships

This category is one of Air Raider’s main weapons. It is easy to use because it is all auto reloading.


  • Autocannon is a devastating weapon.
  • It is effective against durable targets and has excellent reloading speed.
  • On the other hand, there are situations where it is difficult to use effectively for swarms.
  • By asking the ground to attack, you may be able to effectively destroy the swarm.
  • It has penetration performance and can penetrate enemy ships etc.

105mm Rapid-fire Cannon

  • 105mm Rapid-fire Cannon is a weapon that combines damage and attack range.
  • The size of the bullet is larger than Autocannon, and the possibility of a single bullet hitting multiple targets is increasing.
  • On the other hand, the reloading time is a little longer and the attack is scattered, so the effect on single targets will drop.
  • It is more effective than Autocannon when attacking a flock, and DPS is a powerful weapon after Autocannon.
  • It has penetration performance and can penetrate enemy ships etc.You can also destroy the building.

120 Neutralize Cannon

  • 120 Neutralize Cannon is the shotgun, which is fired from the sky.
  • Excellent balance of attack power, hit rate, reload time, magazine size, etc., easy to use.
  • The only drawback is the lack of penetration. You can not penetrate enemy ships, etc., and depending on the situation, you will be helpless.

150mm Single-barreled Cannon

  • The 150mm Single-barreled Cannon is also well balanced.
  • It is short from request to firing and high in hit rate.
  • Bullet size is slightly larger, you may be able to attack multiple enemies.
  • It has penetration performance and can penetrate enemy ships etc.You can also destroy the building.
  • Because of this, it is unlikely that the attack will be blocked.

180mm&190mm Cannon

  • This category has only two weapons.
  • Compared to 150mm Single-barreled Cannon, firing is slower and reloading is longer. On the other hand, bullets are larger and may involve more enemies.
  • It has penetration performance and can penetrate enemy ships etc.You can also destroy the building.

Rocket Cannon

  • It is a weapon to fire rockets from the sky.
  • It takes time from firing to landing and often does not hit the target you want.
  • Also, explosions may cause the swarm to be inadvertently scattered or cause damage to allies.
  • The reload is fast but the damage is low and the magazine size is small.
  • There is also a weak point that the enemy ships etc. can block the attack, so the usability is not good.

Request Bombers

Use this category to switch to a view that looks down from above. The attack range can be specified arbitrarily. Also, by releasing the attack button immediately, you can make a quick request instead of making adjustments.
It is all reload by credit.

Combat Bomber KM6

  • It is an attack by a bomber’s machine gun.
  • From request to attack is relatively quick, and it works for targets in the air.
  • The bigger the opponent, the more explosively the hit count increases and the higher the damage.
  • It also has penetration performance, making it difficult for the attack to be blocked.
  • On the other hand, I am not good at compact and highly durable targets.
  • The time to attack is faster as the number of aircraft is smaller, so high level weapons are not always effective.

High-Speed Bomber KM6

  • It is characterized in that it can start attack earlier than Combat Bomber.
  • The credits required for reloading are also small, but the attack range is narrow and lacking in firepower and destruction power.

Combat Bomber Kamuy

  • It is a feature that it is a little early from request to the attack start. Easy to handle, with enough power and ease of reloading.
  • Since the request point extends from ahead of you, even if you request it immediately, you will not self-destruct.

Heavy Bomber Phobos

  • The bombing is characterized by large damage.
  • Damage and range are increasing, but it takes time to arrive.

Heavy Bomber Vesta

  • Drop the napalm bullets. The indicated damage is the damage when one flame hits all, not very strong.
  • It can not be used only to the extent to stop the ants march. The damage can be understood by burning yourself.
  • You can not re-request until the flame goes out.

Request Missiles

After the request, the missile will invade the map in a fixed time.
The missile will begin level flight regardless of the point of request.
If no action is taken after the request, the missile will need to be manually guided in order to get out of the map and disappear.
Instead, it is possible to finely adjust the impact point, and stable target accuracy can be expected for moving targets.

Induction uses a beacon gun to be used at the time of request.
Also If you interrupt the induction, the missile will go straight to maintain the course.


Weapons in this category is FF damage is 100% in all of the degree of difficulty. False induction will raze the ally forces.

Cruise Missile

Auto reload type

  • It is a standard performance among missiles and easy to handle. It will function effectively against a variety of targets.


Auto reload type

  • The damage and explosion radius are small, but a large number of missiles are launched.
  • The cruising speed of the missile is faster and reaches the target in less time.
  • It has a high level of instantaneous attack power and is versatile enough to handle various targets.
  • However, it also has the disadvantage of a very long reload time of over 90 seconds.


Credits reload

  • The cruise speed is extremely slow and there are also many credits required for the request.
  • Instead, the damage and explosion range is overwhelming.
  • With only one shot, the enemy will be hit devastatingly.

Request Satellites

It emits a laser that penetrates from the satellite.
It has an infinite range in the vertical direction. The attack starts too early.


Weapons in this category is FF damage is 100% in all of the degree of difficulty. False induction will raze the ally forces.

Bulge Laser

Auto reload

  • I will irradiate a single laser from the sky.
  • The laser has a judgment of 20 shots per second and irradiation continues for a fixed time.
  • During irradiation, the point of irradiation can be changed by the beacon.
  • Low level ones have very low damage and are almost useless. Damage is dramatically improved from LV35’s Bulge Laser R2 and works effectively on Teleport Anchors and large targets.

The length of the reload time is the biggest drawback.


Credit reload

  • Fire a large number of lasers at the requested point.
  • It is easy to use because the range is wide and the attack start is quick.
  • It is also effective for targets in the air, and you can knock down many enemies.

That’s why it is easy for allies to hit. Attention is required at the request point.

Spritefall Shooting Mode β

Credit reload

  • It fires a laser of one shot.
  • The attack range is a bit narrow, but the damage is big and the request and attack start is very early.
  • It is also an advantage that the necessary credit is small.

Limpet Guns

Most weapons are poor, but they are essential in situations where other weapons can not cope.
When attacking, reloading does not start until all the detonation is complete, so if the magazine size is large, DPS will decrease.
When reloading, bombs that have not been detonated will disappear.

All weapons are normal reloads.

Limpet Gun

  • It is a standard performance. The explosion range is slightly wider, it is possible to involve multiple enemies.

Limpet Chain Gun

  • A series of small bombs.
  • The damage is small, but the rapid fire is fast and reloading is excellent.

Limpet Sniper

  • It is the highest sniper weapon and excellent as a self-defense weapon.
  • If you choose a weapon in this category, it will be a top candidate.
  • It has high damage compared to Ranger and Wing Diver sniper weapons in the same level zone, and has excellent continuous fire.
  • The highest level LV87 Limpet Sniper ZD exerts DPS equivalent to LV112 Lysander ZF to a single target.
  • The biggest drawback is that there is no zoom function.

The person who shot does not receive explosion damage under all circumstances.
It is also effective when bitten by a red ants.

Limpet Splendor

  • When detonated, it will fire a large number of bullets.
  • It has penetration performance and bounces when it hits the terrain.

Limpet Detector

  • Launch a bomb with a sensing function.
  • When it detects an enemy, it detonates and fires many bullets.
  • The bullet has penetration and bounces when it hits the terrain.

Stationary Weapons(Self-propelled bomb)

All normal reload.

Robot Bomb

  • While in possession, automatically lock on the target.
  • If you throw it, it will move towards the target.
  • In order to use the same movement route as NPC, it often does not go as expected.
  • It’s a low damage, unwieldy weapon.

Speed Star

  • It is a weapon that does not have any attack capability.
  • Browse and enjoy. 200 km / h.


  • It is a self-propelled bomb with a sensing function.
  • As soon as it is installed, it will start moving. The sensing function activates after a few seconds.
  • The detection function is often incomplete and unresponsive.

Assault Beetle

  • It is a bomb that moves forward while jumping. When it hits an object, it adsorbs.
  • The power and number of installations are excellent, but it is a strong weapon. It is difficult to adsorb to the target location.
  • The highest level Stag Beetle has flying ability.
  • However, it is difficult to hit the target area to raise the altitude without permission.

Stationary Weapons(Sentry Gun)

Automatically capture and attack the enemy.
It is very effective when fighting with a vehicle.
It also helps stop the enemy’s movement.
Auto reload.


  • It fires a bullet. I will not hit allies.
  • This is a basic type, but there may be a need for alternatives because there are no LV12 to LV45 weapons.


  • Make an attack with a flame.
  • Although it has a weakness that causes damage to allies, it is ideal for stopping enemy movement with its penetrating ability and large magazine size.

ZE Sniper

  • It is a sniper type. It is effective for long distance enemies.
  • LV 19 only. I am very sad.

ZE Launcher

  • Fire the rockets.
  • The attack power is high and the blast does not bring the enemy closer.
  • However, damage to allies is also high, and the building is broken.
  • The slow speed of the rocket is another drawback.

ZE Blaster(DLC2)

  • Irradiate the penetrating laser.
  • It has the weakness of slow turn but it is a powerful weapon.

Support Equipment

It is a weapon to support allies. There is no attack performance.
All affect the vehicle.

Laser Guide Kit

No reload

  • Irradiate the laser. Allies can lock on the irradiation point.
  • You can reinforce the lock-on speed and range.
  • Guided weapons such as missiles are guided to the point of laser irradiation, so they can control the movement after being fired.
  • Instead, you need to continue irradiating until the hit.

Guide Beacon Gun

Normal reload

  • Fire a beacon. You and allies can lock on the beacon.
  • Although the lock-on speed is lower, it is not necessary to keep on irradiating.
  • By using the missiles of the vehicle, you get the effect even one person.

Life Vendor

Impossible to reload

  • Recover all enemies and allies.
  • Recovery amount of notation is a thing of the 1/60 sec.
  • This weapon can not be replenished by any means.

The amount of recovery is small compared to the damage, and there is no disadvantage in recovering the enemy.

Life Spout Gun

Impossible to reload

  • It fires a small recovery device.
  • The recovery is excellent, but the range is narrow and the time is short.
  • However, the chances of recovering the enemy are also reduced.

Power Post

Auto reload

  • The damage of allies in the range increases.
  • Although the range is wide, it can only be installed on the spot.

Power Assist Gun

Auto reload

  • Instead of narrow range, it will reach far.

Guard Post

Auto reload

  • Ally’s defense increases.
  • Although the range is wide, it can only be installed on the spot.

Guard Assist Gun

Auto reload

  • Instead of narrow range, it will reach far.



Auto reload

  • The wall of energy prevents the enemy from attacking.
  • It does not prevent attacks by allies.
  • It is effective when you want to attack while protecting yourself against a fierce attack.


Auto reload

  • Set up decoy. If you then start-up, it will attract the attention of the enemy.
  • It is often destroyed soon. Installing in a fast vehicle solves this problem somewhat.

Suppress Gun

Normal reload

  • The power is high and it has penetration, but the magazine size is small and the range is extremely short.
  • For self-defense weapons, you should use the better Limpet Sniper.

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