Disco Elysium – White Mourning

White Mourning

  • Acquired from: finding the tickets and the card in the ledger. See below for details.
  • Research time: 5 hours
  • Finish bonus: Camera zoom out distance +20%, all Motoric Skills maximums +1

Finding The Tickets in The Ledger

  • Attempt to open the trash compactor behind the hotel. It’s located just to the left of Cuno.
  • If you can’t open it directly, ask Garte for the key, then return and open it.
  • Search through the trash until you find the ledger.
  • Interact with the ledger from your inventory.
  • In the dialogue box, open up the ledger even when the voices warn you away from doing so.
  • Look at the tickets and read the card. If done correctly, the character will pass out.
  • When the character wakes, the thought will be triggered.

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