Disco Elysium – Where to Sleep?

Where to Sleep?

First, there is no other place to sleep in Martinaise Proper than the Whirling. You can not sleep on the bench or in Cuno’s shack. You might find a place later, on the coast, but not on day 1 or 2. For now, paying for a night in the Whirling is the only way.
Here are some ways to earn money.

1. Go to Roy in the Pawn Shop and sell him some of your quest items.
2. Keep exploring and looking into containers. They often include money.
3. Joyce (on the pier) can give you money. You need to pass a Volition white check for this.
4. There is a locked container in the harbour that needs a Rhetoric check. I won’t spoil it further but there’s a chance to get money involved.
5. If it’s before 23.00, you can equip the yellow tare bag, collect tare and sell it in Fritte.
6. If it’s before 22.00, you can also pass a check with Siileng and ask for money.
7. If it’s 02.00 and everyone has gone to sleep, the streets are empty and you can’t do any — or enough, at least, to pay Garte — then congratulations: you are the hobocop now

The only way to get out of this jam is to load a save from earlier. At minimum before 02.00 — when you can still sell Roy some of your stuff. And if you’re really straped for cash — before 23.00 when Fritte is still open.
In general, around 19.00 – 22.00 is a good time to start worrying about making rent.

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