Dicey Dungeons – Warrior Guide

Warrior Guide

The Warrior is a straightforward class that likes to use big weapons and shields in battle.

Warrior Items

Battle Axe

dicey dungeons warrior guide 1

The battle axe packs a huge punch!

What makes it great is that you usually need to use 6 dice to deal 8 damage with an attack, but the axe requires 4’s instead. So you’re able to deal high damage with 4’s while keeping your 6’s for other items.

The upgraded version reduces its size and I might be wrong but I believe it becomes the highest damage “small size” item.

Iron Shield

dicey dungeons warrior guide 2

Like the basic sword, the iron shield doesn’t need much of an explanation. Choose a dice and get its number as a shield.

The warrior doesn’t have easy ways to heal so using shields to prevent damage is a great way to keep your health high.

Spiked Shield

dicey dungeons warrior guide 3

The spiked shield just looks like a worse version of the iron shield, but it’s actually pretty good.

The reason is that you can use 5’s and shield up with it during the first turns, but as soon as you’re able to deliver a killing blow you can use the 4 (or the 6 with the upgraded version), preventing an additional enemy turn.

Target Shield

dicey dungeons warrior guide 4

The target shield is harder to use than the other shields but once upgraded, I’d say it’s a very viable alternative.

Its small size is handy and you can dump all of the small dice that the warrior doesn’t have much of a use for there.

Warrior Episodes

dicey dungeons warrior guide 5

Episode 1: The Warrior’s Welcome

Standard rules.

Episode 2: Curse of Greed

  • Start with two upgraded battle axes.
  • All equipment you find is upgraded.
  • Inflicted with curse at the start of every turn.

This episode can be slightly annoying but isn’t difficult.

Try to get an item that can be used more than once per turn and that doesn’t remove a dice such as the Bump+. You can use it to clear the curse and then move on to more important items.

dicey dungeons warrior guide 6

This is the build I won with but anything can work here.

Episode 3: Worse than a curse

  • Start with a venus fly trap.
  • Lose 2 max hp when you level up.

This one is very tricky as you end up having 14 health instead of the usual 44 for the final boss. You’ll need to use either the iron shield or the spiked shield to prevent damage.

Don’t hesitate on using your limit break on the shield skill to get a bigger damage buffer, as getting 12 shields in a single turn from an iron shield makes a big difference.

Here is the build I won with. I chose to keep the venus fly trap for the added healing, but also added another healing source. And a big shield:

dicey dungeons warrior guide 7

The upgraded battle axe deals massive damage for the space it takes but I’d say anything similar to this build should work.

For example, you could use a target shield instead of the healing crystal, an iron shield instead of the spiked shield and any good damage source instead of the upgraded battle axe.

Episode 4: The Elimination Round

  • Enemies get 10% extra health.
  • All enemy equipment is upgraded.

A hard mode version of the first episode. I found it easier to complete than the episode with 14 health, but you need a well-balanced build (damage and shields) to succeed.

Episode 5: Parallel Universe

  • Enemies get 10% extra health.
  • Status effects work differently.
  • All of the equipment has been changed.

The warrior’s main ability becomes a dice flip instead of dice rerolls. His limit break still doubles the next action, but the equipment can’t be used on the following turn.

dicey dungeons warrior guide 8

This was my winning build. The scissors and the pickaxe are really, really strong. I will describe the other changes this episode has in another article, as there is a ton of changes.

Episode 6: Bonus Round

  • Start with standard rules.
  • Gain bonus rules as you descend further.

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