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Inventor Guide

The Inventor destroys a selected item to create a new gadget after winning a battle.

The Gadget System

The inventor starts off with a gadget, which is a special item that can be used every turn and that doesn’t take a slot in the usual equipment space for the characters. The gadget has its own slot, doesn’t require dice to be used and you can only have one at a time.

The first gadget you start with is Heat Ray, which burns all enemy dice.

At the end of a battle, three equipped items are selected and you must decide which of them is to be recycled to become the gadget that replaces the one you were using.

Gadgets tend to follow the effect of the base item that is being recycled. For example, if the item had a healing effect, it probably means that its gadget version will be the 3 health heal gadget. If the item dealt shock status, it’s probably the 3 shock status gadget.

Some gadgets are better than the original items and some are worse, it really depends. Let’s take a look at the inventor gadgets.

List of Gadgets

dicey dungeons inventor guide 1

“Victory! You throw away your old gadget. You are inspired to create a new gadget! Choose an item to destroy for parts!”

  • Battle wrench: Combine all dice
  • Barricade: Shield +3
  • Blowtorch: Do 3 fire damage
  • Burrower: Weaken 3
  • Clone device: Duplicate all dice
  • Focus: All dice become 6
  • Fury: Double next action
  • Jackhammer: Shock 3 equipment
  • Megabump: +1 to all dice
  • Pea gun: Do 3 physical damage
  • Plasma gun: Do 5 physical damage
  • Refrigerator: Freeze 1 dice
  • Regenerate: Heal 3 health
  • Steal: Borrow equipment
  • Static shock: Do 3 lightning damage

Note: Fury and Focus are probably the most powerful as they give you limit break effects for free, every turn. Keeping them for the final boss is a great way of making the fight easier.

My next favorites would be the plasma gun with its 5 damage per turn and the jackhammer that shocks 3 items. The heal/shield 3 and the do 3 elemental damage ones are also good.

Inventor Episodes

dicey dungeons inventor guide 2

Episode 1: Enter the Inventor

Standard rules.

Episode 2: Double Rubble

This episode is actually easier than the standard one due to having two gadgets in battle. The only thing is that you need to rearrange your inventory more often, as you are recycling two items after each fight.

  • Find extra equipment.
  • Start with double equipment and upgraded hammers.
  • Make twice as many gadgets.

Episode 3: The Inevitability of Rust

  • Don’t create gadgets after each fight.
  • All equipment is reusable.
  • All equipment breaks after 4 uses.
  • Broken equipment immediately becomes a gadget.

Episode 4: The Elimination Round

  • Enemies get 10% extra health.
  • All enemy equipment is upgraded.

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