Dicey Dungeons – Characters, Spoilers & Strategy

Limerick Strategy and Spoilers for Characters

Spoilers for Characters 2-5


  • For Thief, though, we’ve more to discuss
  • Most upgrades are not worth the fuss
  • Unless you’re a star and can pull off Crowbar
  • You’d better pick up Dagger+.

The Robot

  • The Robot’s a bit like a mage
  • He increases power with age
  • That Mechanical Arm does copious harm once you get to the last stage.
  • Another slight Robot mistake
  • Is squandering your limit break.
  • With one-sixth probability
  • You’ll roll that ability
  • And still carry over your stake.


  • Inventor thinks one step ahead.
  • Which gadget will make that foe dead?
  • In the previous fight, bring something that might. Turn into the gadget you said.


An early-game tip for the Witch:

  • Infliction can hurt like a
  • So make it prepared
  • No foes will be spared
  • Then swap when you have spells to switch.
  • If you have a spell with two dice
  • Prepare it to save you the price
  • Of bringing it out
  • But also, no doubt,
  • Reroll spells and dice-tweaks are nice.

Spoilers for Character 6 & Secret Character


  • With Jester, I like to delete adeck slim and strong can’t be beat.
  • So copy the best and ditch all the rest.
  • And you’ll be immune to defeat.

Bear Maul and Bear Smash

  • For Bear use Bear Maul and Bear Smash,
  • Bear Maul and Bear Maul and Bear Smash
  • Bear Smash and Bear Roar
  • Bear Smash and Bear Roar

General Strategy Tips

A useful trick in which to revel
If you’re almost at your next level:

  • Continue to spar
  • Fill your limit bar
  • Don’t mind that it hurts like the devil.
  • Sometimes your foe is outmatched
  • And you could just triumph unscratched
  • But if you can heal more than damage they deal, heal up, and go forth fully patched.
  • Statistics can keep you alive
  • The average roll is 3.5
  • So reroll that 3
  • On average, you’ll be
  • More likely to increase than dive.

Elemental equipment: 

  • Freeze/shock rock, though there’s some technique to it.
  • But if you aspire to win, don’t pick fire.
  • It’s only good if foes are weak to it.

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