Dead By Daylight – Blood Points Acquire

Blood Points Acquire

Daily Rituals

To start this guide off we’ll look at the quickest and easiest way to earn blood points everyday in Dead by daylight and that’s through the daily rituals. In the example below I’m tasked with playing the killer and catching three survivors in bear traps, this could take about 2-4 matches but once completed you gain 25,000 blood points as shown on the task. A player who doesn’t do these often will have three tasks at once to choose from making them faster to knock them all at one time. Blood points range from how difficult the task is and often require you to play as differn’t characters such as unhook three survivors as Dwight.

dead by daylight blood points acquire 1

Point categories



  • Working towards the escape by repairing generators around the map and completing skill checks. Points differ depending on the length of time repairing and how good the player hits that zone during a skill check.

Objective Skill check values:

  • Good check – 50 points.
  • Great check – 150 points.
  • Hex check – 150 points.

Unlocking the exit gates once powered the gens gives the player 1250 blood points but unlocking the hatch with a key item gives 2000 but as said needs a key item and the ability to find the hatch during the match. Searching chests and using maps contribute to the escape aswell and as such generate a small profit of 150-250 by locating them and opening the contents. Repairing gens while the hatch is open gives the player a cheeky 500 points for continuing the objective.

dead by daylight blood points acquire 2


Messing around and being near the killer generates the player boldness points depending on the length of time and if the player is being chased or escaping a chase that is currently in pursuit. Stunning the killer with objects, blinding them or burning them with the flashlight also provides boldness points for trying to escape their wrath. Finally going into the killers basement for the chest or unhooking a player provides basement time points that’re awarded after leaving the basement.

Boldness Skill check values:

  • Good check on a hook – 50 points.
  • Great check on a hook – 150 points.
  • Dull totem – 600 points.
  • Hex totem – 1000 points.
  • Trap disarm – 300 points.

dead by daylight blood points acquire 3


Staying alive in the match from escaping the killers grasp or by smashing the space key when on the second phase of the hook. Getting a lucky hook free from mouse two provides the player with 1,500 points which is really hard to do. Self healing and waking yourself up from the dream world from Freddy provides quick points for survival.

Survival skill check values:

  • Good check on a heal – 50 points.
  • Great check on a heal – 150 points.
  • Bear trap escape – 400 points.
  • Dream world – 200 points.

dead by daylight blood points acquire 4


Helping other players on your team by providing distractions and being near players stuck on the hook by the killer. Healing other players with just your hands or a med-kit also contributes towards Altruism points. Hook rescues provide 1000-1500 depending if the rescue is safe for the hooked player or if they just get knocked down again. Finding players provides points for meeting up and taking hits for your team provides 200 blood points.

Altruism skill check values:

  • Good check on a self care- 50 points.
  • Great check on a self care – 150 points.
  • Wake up – 150 points.
  • Late heal – 750 points.
  • Endgame phase hook rescue – 2000 points.

dead by daylight blood points acquire 5


Hurting survivors and smashing objects during the match generates Brutality points for the killer. Quitter bonuses from rage quits contribute and also grabbing a survivor during a generator repair. Another pretty basic and simple mechanic for gaining more blood points as there’s really not much to it.

dead by daylight blood points acquire 6


Using the killers abilities to win the match generates Deviousness points such as using a chainsaw or throwing a hatchet at a survivor and getting a clean hit. Inflicting passives like bleeding and dying gives a very small profit of 50 points per infliction. Setting traps with the Hag reels in 25 points a dirt trap and combo this with phantom attack after teleporting after a trap is triggered and hitting a survivor generates 550 points for the killer. Letting no survivor escape gives 2500 points for having a merciless victory over all survivors. The pigs ambush attack from crouching gives 500 points for stabbing a survivor without them knowing.

dead by daylight blood points acquire 7


Chasing and catching/finding survivors generates points in the Hunter category. It’s that simple being the smallest category for the killer with only three ways of generating points.
Finding survivors in locks is also a rare but promising way towards generating points.

  • Chase – 10 points per second.
  • Survivor found – 400 points.
  • Catch in locker – 600 points.

dead by daylight blood points acquire 8


Pleasing the entity during the match by hooking survivors and ultimately sacrificing them and ending their match. Using a mori and killing a survivor gives 1,000 points and gives a sweet kill cut scene.

  • Reverse bear trap kill – 500 points.
  • Endgame hook – 250 points.
  • Endgame sacrifice – 500 points.
  • Mori – 1000 points.
  • Survivor hooked – 500 points.
  • Hook stage 1 – 200 points.
  • Hook stage 2 – 200 points.
  • Endgame time up – 500 points.

dead by daylight blood points acquire 9

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