Cry of Fear – How to Play Co-op Mode in 2019?

How to Play Co-op Mode in 2019?

1. Download Hamachi (If You Don’t Have)

Official site is Download from this site and after that register. Done! You’re breathtakin.

cry of fear how to play co op mode in 2019 1

2. Create Network or Join to Already Created Network

Creating network

1. Open hamachi
2. Сlick on Network–>Create new network.
3. Write any name in the field identifier of network and set password(optional).
4. Now give it to your friends.
5. Done!

Connect to already created network

1. Open hamachi
2. Сlick on Network
2. Click on Connect to already created network.
3. Write the identifier and password.
4. Done!

3. Open Cry of Fear and Connect or Create Your Own Server

Create your own server

1. Choose map in a tab server
2. Click on tab game
3. Choose your own hostname(any), server players (depending on quantity of players), password (don’t touch this), lobby autorestart time (set it to 300, it’s normal time for everyone players), autorestart time (recommend 60 sec, cuz it’s best value in my opinion. DON’T TURN IT OFF! Yes, players it is possible spat by means of massage of heart, but unfortunately it not always works because the character can get stuck(there can sometimes be a bug), pausable server (optionally, if you put a daw,if one of players presses a pause, then all will freeze, but if you don’t put a daw, no one can freeze. I hope you understand me. Then, following important item is Lan Server. DON’T PUT DRAW ON IT! Then click on start and wait players.

How to connect to friend

1. Right click on your host-friend in hamachi
2. Click on copy ipv4 adress
3. Open you game, open your console (it’s ~, if you cant open it just check your options and turn it on), and write connect:your friend’s ipv4 adress For example: connect

4. [IMPORTANT] If You Get an Error at Connect, Host Needs to Turn Off His Firewall

1. Open Control Panel.
2.Select the System and Security link.
3. Choose Windows Firewall.
4. Select Turn Windows Firewall on or off on the left side of the screen.
5. Select the bubble next to Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended) at a private network settings and public network settings.

5. Enjoy Your Game

cry of fear how to play co op mode in 2019 2

cry of fear how to play co op mode in 2019 3

cry of fear how to play co op mode in 2019 4

cry of fear how to play co op mode in 2019 5

ADDITIONAL: How to change map?

Unfortunately, during creation of the server not all maps are specified. If you play with friends and needs to end a session, write status in console to understand on what map you stopped walkthrough. Remember this. Next time you enter this map.

[Only host] Create server, write changelevel <map> in console. For example, changelevel c_cof_village2

Here’s a maplist of main co-op campaign:

  • cof_campaign_01
  • c_cof_village2
  • c_cof_village1
  • c_cof_fsewer1
  • c_cof_lake
  • c_cof_forestday
  • c_cof_asylum1day
  • c_cof_asylum2
  • c_cof_asylum1
  • c_cof_forest7
  • c_cof_forest6
  • c_cof_forest5
  • c_cof_forest4
  • c_cof_forest3
  • c_cof_forest2
  • c_cof_forest1
  • c_cof_bridge
  • c_cof_trainride2
  • c_cof_trainride
  • c_cof_subway2st3
  • c_cof_subway2st2
  • c_cof_subway2st1
  • c_cof_buscity
  • c_cof_city
  • c_cof_city2
  • c_cof_park
  • c_cof_park2
  • c_cof_stad
  • c_cof_subway1st1
  • c_cof_coopend

And for additional “Manhunt” campaign:

  • cof_manhunt_campaign
  • c_cof_alley
  • c_cof_street
  • c_cof_subway1
  • c_cof_subway2
  • c_cof_subway3
  • c_cof_gasstation
  • c_cof_truckride
  • c_cof_foresttrail1
  • c_cof_hospital
  • c_cof_foresttrail2
  • c_cof_foresttrail3
  • c_cof_cabin

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