Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled – Weapons Guide

Weapons Guide

Green Bottle

Stops the opponent for a while. After harvesting 10 fruits of wumpa it turns into a red bottle, which additionally slows down the opponent for a short time. You can throw it forward. To do this you need to move the left knob analog to forward before using the item.


TNT is a classic weapon in this series. An opponent who enters the TNT will fall on his head, and if he does nothing it may stop him for a long time. However, TNT can be thrown out of your head by pressing L1/R1 (for that you get an extra trophy – Get off me!). After picking 10 wumpa fruits it turns into Nitro, which explodes immediately after driving into it.

Tracking Missile / Three Tracking Missiles

Tracking missile / three tracking missiles as the name suggests, after launch it rushes to the nearest opponent. After collecting 10 wumpa fruits they turn into improved rockets that fly faster and have more precision.

Cannonball/Three Cannonballs

Cannonball/Three Cannonballs fires a cannonball forward or backwards, by moving the left analog down. After collecting 10 wumpa fruits bomb has a large area of explosion, so you can hit even a few opponents at once.


Creates a shield around the character for a while, blocking one attack or obstacle on the map. It can be fired ahead to hurt an opponent. After the 10 wumpa fruits have been collected, shield will not disappear until we have fired it, but you cannot speed up the drawing of weapons or use the newly obtained ones.


You can draw it by being far behind your opponents. Slows everyone down except the owner and allows you to catch up with the rest. After collecting 10 wumpa fruit its functioning extended.


For a short time gives the effect of acceleration. After collecting 10 wumpa fruit the afterburner runs longer and gives you a slight increase in acceleration.

Warp Orb

Warp Orbas well as the clock, you can win it while being much in the rear during the race. It attacks several players in front of us. After collecting 10 wumpa fruits, the bullet will attack any enemy in front of us.

Aku-Aku/Uka-Uka  (Depending on The Choice of Character)

Gives acceleration, shield and confuses enemy on impact. After collecting 10 wumpa fruits its abilities have increased time of action and it slightly increases speed.


Available only in combat mode. Makes the go-kart’s character and body invisible and makes it impossible for being tracked by weapons (missiles, Warp Orb). After collecting 10 wumpa fruits the effect works longer.

Super Afterburner

Available only in combat mode. It gives the effect of a super booster and it works for a very long time. It will stop working if you release the gas button. After collecting 10 wumpa fruits super afterburner lasts longer (fast & furious baby!).

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