Brawlhalla – How to Improve in Brawlhalla?

How to Improve in Brawlhalla?

How to actually get better at Brawlhalla. No memes, no messing around, just solid advice.


The first thing you want to do when you start up Brawlhalla for the first time is go into training mode. Choose a character you like the look of, and get learning. Looking up combo guides won’t hurt, but don’t forget to work out some yourself. Even when you feel confident at the game, Training before Ranked, every time. Here’s some do’s and don’t for the first part of the game.


  • Practice, You won’t get anywhere by believing in the power of your dreams.
  • Stick with a character. Swapping constantly won’t help your game.
  • Learn your inputs. Inputting a light attack where you mean to heavy isn’t the end of the world. A heavy attack where you meant to light will screw you over.
  • Learn basic combos. Everyone should learn unarmed downlight to jumping nair. Practice this until you can pull it off with your eyes closed.


  • Go straight into ranked. You’ll lose all hope.
  • Expect to be good at this because you play Melee/RoA/Whatever. It’s a different game.
  • League players aren’t at home in DOTA or HotS, fighters are no different.
  • Get disheartened. No-one’s amazing to start with. Even top-level diamond players started off as a lowly bronze scrub.

With Friends

A group of friends is the best place to practice Brawlhalla when you want to learn movement patterns. Ask on the subreddit or the forums here for a sparring partner if you have no friends.


  • Test out dumb stuff. Some things you won’t expect will work on some people, so always use them as a possibility.
  • Mix up your game. Don’t use the same combo over and over again.


  • Get salty. These are your friends, not your rivals.
  • Be afraid of sucking. If they’re the same level, they probably suck too. You can suck together


Ranked is the big beast here, and probably the most used in the game. You need to be good here. You’re not going to get far just spamming. Well, not past gold, anyway. The only thing you need to do here is put into use all the things you’ve practiced. Combos, setups, and reads are all important. As is saying gg at the end of a match no matter what. Lost? Say gg. Won? Say gg. Did opponent spam their off? Say gg. It’s polite, you just do it no matter how salty you are.

The main bit of advice for ranked, however, is to learn from every loss. If you’re new, or even if you’re old, your train of thought when you lose is most likely:

Damn, I lost. Well, better luck next time.

What it should be is : Damn, I lost. What part of the strategy beat me though?

If you think like this, you’ll learn from every mistake. If you’re against a spammy player, you’ll have noticed a long cooldown, or being able to jump above the sig (a common theme). Use this next game, and jump above sigs. If you see a tendency for people to dodge behind you when you’re charging, act on that and sig the other way.

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