Borderlands 3 – Reset Skills

Reset Skills

How to Reset Skills?

  1. Go to a Quick Change Machine, one is found on your space ship “Sanctuary”, next to the fast travel station.
  • This machine lets you pick your character heads and looks, colors, emotes, etc. But it also lets you respec. The easiest place to find one is at Sanctuary, right beside the Fast Travel point and across from the Lost Loot Machine.

2. At the Chick Change Machine pick “Respec”. It will ask for a small fee, confirm to get your skill points back.

  • Each Respec costs some of those hard earns space dollars, but not that many. Borderlands has always been pretty generous in regards to this, I assume because so many different weapons, mods, and items can lean into different builds, they want you to be able to mix it up quickly. All you need to do is hit yes, and you will get all those skill points back and can redistribute them as you see fit. You can either build the same skill tree you have been using different or opt to try out a new one.

That’s all there is to reset your skills in Borderlands 3. You can do this as often as you like. Just go to the Quick Change Machine to get your skill points back. The price varies depending on how much money you carry (it takes a percentage of your total money). The less money you own the cheaper it will be to respec.

If you just want to test out different skill builds without having to waste lots of money on resetting skills, you can simply create a backup of your save game (PS4 Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Copy to USB), then copy back the save after you’re done testing to get all money and your previous skill build back.

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