Borderlands 3 – Beastmaster Pets Build

We’re featuring multiple builds that you can choose from which take advantage of the different skill trees. It’s very early in the game’s lifespan, so we’ll be rotating out builds here and there as more powerful options are discovered!

Hunter – Stalker Build

Borderlands 3 Beastmaster Pets Build 1

This is looking like one of the top builds early on for FL4K! It leans heavily on damage and offensive skills, but gives you survivability with HP regeneration, your pet taking the heat from enemies, and the ability to use Fade Away to get out of any trouble. Speaking of that skill, that’s going to be your bread and butter on how you dish out the damage to big bosses.

Using Fade Away allows you to fire three shots that will all be a critical hit. This can be circumvented by using the Guerillas in the Mist augment that removes the restriction. We take that further with the Unblinking Eye augment that increases critical damage per hit as you land more successive hits.

We’ve got a full leveling guide for this build which you can find right here!

Master – Stalker Solo Build

Borderlands 3 Beastmaster Pets Build 2

This is the build that goes all in on your pet, so if you want to focus your power on your beastly friend then this is the one for you. You are utilizing the Gamma Burst skill which creates a Rift at a location of your choosing which teleports your pet through it and deals Radiation Damage to nearby enemies.

This is also useful for if your pet goes down, because you can use the skill to revive it as well. The pet we’re going to be using is the Eridian Skag! This pet increases your damage and fire rate, and also creates a Singularity when you use an Attack Command which pulls enemies into it. This makes your AOE abilities very powerful, because you can create tight groups of bad guys in a small area.

The build culminates with the Dominance ability. This is a Melee Override Skill, when you melee an enemy it will make them an ally that fights for you for a short time. The enemy constantly loses health while under the effect and it lasts for 12 seconds (double if it is a beast). You can only dominate one enemy at a time, and an enemy can only be dominated once. If you’re looking to go solo in Borderlands 3, then this is a great build for it because your pet should keep enemies from focusing on you for very long.

Rakks Pet – Hunter Build

Borderlands 3 Beastmaster Pets Build 3

This is an awesome build if you want to just rain down Rakks on top of your enemies and laugh as they are pelted repeatedly by these winged beasts! As mentioned, you take advantage of the Rakk Attack! Action Skill that sends Rakks to dive down on your unfortunate foes. This is helped greatly by the Flock ‘N Load Augment that sends two additional Rakks when you use your ability. While that increases the amount sent, the Rakkcelerate Augment increases how often you can send them down! It reduces the cooldown of the skill, allowing for you to jam down on the Rakk Attack! skill much more frequently.

You go all the way down the Hunter tree in this build so you can reach the Megavore Passive Ability. This allows you to score a critical hit on ANY part of the enemy. That means you don’t need to hit the weak spot to get a critical hit, and it also means you can get critical hits with your heavy weaponry that doesn’t usually have a chance to crit! This is also great against enemies that don’t have a weak spot.

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