Borderlands 2 – Maya Build 2019

There is my favorite Maya build to make her deadliest support for the team.

This is the Power of a Siren

Let me introduce mine own build for this girl, it’s about support your teammates, healing them passively withought shooting em to their pretty faces, effectively slaging lots of enemies around and deal pretty much good damage as yourself with SMG’s

Purple Witch Maya Skill Tree

borderlands 2 maya skill tree

Your main goal is get to last skill in Harmony as soon as possible.
Motion and Cataclism has pretty much same priority, but green is for better support and red is for better you, so choose yourself. You’ll be good at both when you reach 72 level anyways.

Twenty-seven years of training

Now you need some right equipment to make this build right.
Let’s see the list:

Cat \ Legendary Cat Class Modes

borderlands 2 maya guide 1

borderlands 2 maya guide 5

That one specifically needed for your SMG boost. So you will do incredibly huge damage with it and any SMG will be your main weapon from now on.

Any Slag Transfusion Grenade

Your main role in team is slagging enemies, and also heal them sometimes when possible. So any of this things will do, just look for the best ones to slag\heal bonuses.

Any Good SMG You Like or Prefer

borderlands 2 maya guide 3

This is my favorite, for example. It dosn’t have any effects its just freakin good itself and with my build it works perfectly deadly and fast. You can choose your own, it dosn’t really matter as long as any SMG’s for you now is boosted, im just kinda recommend this one. Google where to find it, its pretty much simple to get that one.

Any Slag Damage Artifact

borderlands 2 maya guide 4

I haven’t find specific screenshot with slag one. But yeah, you need one like this one, but with Slag Damage. The more is better, obviously.

Thats it

You are pretty much free to choose your Shield and Weapons for yourself since it’s not really matter for the build. Just notice that you need really good SMG to make it even better. And try to use it more than another guns.

Tips & Tricks

So let’s talk about Purple Witch a little more specificly.

Your main tactic is to Slag enemies with your melee aility and grenades sometimes. It needs some practice to do it effictively and slag as much enemies as possible with every slag thing you launch on the field, so get used to it, learn some angles and distances. You’ll get how it works sooner or later and master it.

Your secondary goal is phaselocking and crowd control. Especially works good if you combine slagging and phaselocking cause your main ability will gather all enemies together in one group of poor bastards you can slag in one perfectly launched slag ball.

And your passive goal is healing your friends. You have grenade for it, some skills doing it automatically when you phaselocking enemies and killing em while they hanging. Also you will revive your friends phaselocking them when they fall. Get used to it also, it’s really handy sometimes.

Even more handy if you feel the time when to do it and not just revive withought thinking. Needed some practice also to master it or you just gonna revive your friends right before they get shot or something nasty like that and it’s kinda sux.

And look at you now, you’re so freakin powerfull and handy as support now.

Good luck with all that, i hope you’ll like it as i do.

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