Blair Witch – Achievement Guide

Achievement Guide %100

Story Achievements That Can’t be Missed

Ray of Hope

blair witch achievement guide 1

  • Description: Patch Things up With Jess.

Last Goodbye

blair witch achievement guide 2

  • Description: Find out what happened to Bullet.

Miscellaneous Achievements

The Idol

blair witch achievement guide 3

  • Description: Collect the first wooden doll.


blair witch achievement guide 4

  • Description: Collect the first psychiatrist’s note.

Lost In The Woods

blair witch achievement guide 5

  • Description: Collect the first victim’s photo.

Good Boy

blair witch achievement guide 67

  • Description: Pet the dog

How to get: As soon as you gain Control over Bullet,hold C and then hover your mouse to the right.

What You Got There

blair witch achievement guide 7

  • Description: Let Bullet bring you 10 things

How to get: As you progres, Bullet will randomly fetch you items, you simply need 10 and this can also be done in more than 1 run, so it shouldn’t be that hard to get.

The Longest Hike

blair witch achievement guide 8

  • Description: Walk 100 miles…

How to get: you should get this before you finish the game, so don’t bother farming it.

Snake Charmer

blair witch achievement guide 9

  • Description: Score 40 points in Cobra.

How to get: You need a score of 40 in the Cobra Game on your phone.


blair witch achievement guide 10

  • Description: Let the VA know about the lumberjack’s death.

How to get: As soon as you find the sawed man after the flashback in Chapter 9 Right before you meet Carver for the first time downstairs call VA on your Phone’s Contact List.

Last Transmission

blair witch achievement guide 11

  • Description: Find out what happened to Peter.

How to get: As soon as you find the Bunker in Chapter 4,get inside, there should be a locked door on your way, the combination to it is (2,1,1,3), as you get in there should be an interactable object there, get close to it and then interact with it (in my case I had to crouch as well to make it work) The Achievement should pop up shortly after.

I Hate Pizzas

blair witch achievement guide 12

  • Description: Make the pizza guy lose it.

How to get: You will need to keep calling the Pizza Shop Contact on your phone until the achievement pops up.

To Absent Friends

blair witch achievement guide 13

  • Description: Pay your respects to sheriff Lanning.

How to get: W.I.P


Take His Face

blair witch achievement guide 14

  • Description: Become Carver

How to get: You will need to defeat the monsters on your way with the flashlight and do as the woman tells you to do in Chapter 17 (Kill the Sheriff and Pull a lever that leads to your friend’s death).

Break The Cycle

blair witch achievement guide 15

  • Description: Help Ellis to get his redemption.

How to get: Avoid killing the monsters (Use the Night vision in your Cam to see in the dark if they are close), and Disobey the Woman’s orders in Chapter 17 (simply walk pass those actions,she will close the door and ask you again to kill them,just open the door again and you are good to go.

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