Answer Knot – Walkthrough & Achievements

Walkthrough and guidance for obtaining 100% achievements.



  • Play the game.
  • Find the beer.
  • Complete the game.


  • Don’t move for three minutes.
  • Listen to any voice message thrice.
  • Zoom in (RMB) and examine the magazine below the sofa table:

Answer Knot Walkthrough Achievements 1


Step by step

After the intro, wait for another voice message.

Check the fridge and take out the chicken.

There is a cupboard with beer next to the fridge – open it.

Read the motorcycle magazine:

Answer Knot Walkthrough Achievements 2

Listen to the radio and take the newspaper (in front of the entrance door).

Tidy up the couches.

Find the safe behind the stairs and open it: 5312 . Take the gun.

Turn the clock, it’s next to the TV.

Lock up all doors and windows.

Head to the kitchen and interact with the power switch.

Open the door…

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